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Main Blade Length:120mm
Main Rotor Diameter:271mm
Tail Rotor Diameter:45mm
Motor Drive Gear:10T
Main Drive Gear:78T


Integrate 6-aix gyro, receiver, ESC and Bluetooth controlling system. Set up and update the flight parameter settings via APP Interface.


Support for mobile devices, iOS & Android allows easy set up and adjustment to flight parameter settings. The APP makes firmware updates easier to install. Download the FREE APP to get the latest firmware update with additional improved functions.


It adopts high precision CNC metal assemble with high end aesthetics and superior flight performance.


Adopt industrial rich-fiber PA material improves the strength and hardness by three times over the original. The new material increases the thickness of the frame structure, reduces warpage, and abrasion while improving impact resistance.


4G digital micro servos are specially design for the T-REX 150X to increase micro helicopter control speed, precision, and torque output.


150X all metal CNC CCPM swashplate adopts specific embedded technology for fixing bearings, improves the structure strength, and zero slop. The swashplate can withstand 40kg of tension which significantly enhances its durability and lifetime.


Main motor KV value is increased to 9000KV to deliver outstanding power, torque, and high efficiency with low power consumption delivering outstanding performance. The tail motor provides superior tail authority out performing all other micro heli's on the market.


The new upgraded anti-impact nylon skids improve its toughness, providing the ability to withstand any hits or impacts!


The Li-po battery uses a series/balancing design, resulting in efficiency and high discharge capabilities due to machine inspection to match cells.


To deliver outstanding flight performance the main blades are manufactured with high-strength industrial fiber composite material with an added aluminum sleeve to decrease torsional stress, and improving durability.


New tail motor plug mount makes maintenance easy.


For ease of control the T-REX 150 is equipped with Attitude Mode. Enable Attitude Mode to avoid flip overs during flight. Flip a switch takes over to keep the heli at a level position. These new features make learning to fly more enjoyable, allowing you to practice more flight maneuvers, speeds your ability to learn, and boost flying skills. Fly with Confidence!


Equipped dual output function, it allows two batteries charging with 1A current in the same time. Balance charging is good to prevent the situation of over-charging or under-charging for a single cell. Auto-detected charge status display. The auto-detected function of low voltage for power storage. Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.


Brand new 150 carry box is special design for T-REX 150 helicopter, features easy to carry and storage, this attractive small box can be storage a helicopter and its necessary flying parts which included 6 batteries, 3 hexagon screw drivers, 2 pair main blades, charger and a small parts box, you can easy and clear to know inside situation just need a glance at its transparence cove.


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