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Wheel Base:370mm



If unstoppable, wheel-lifting torque and lightning-quick acceleration are what you're after, then this is your truck!

The eMTA can take on any terrain, combining brushless brute force and superior handling. With its big 1/8 scale dimensions the eMTA will dominate the conditions AND the competition.

Embodying the high-end level of mechanical aesthetics, the totally renewed integrated chassis with low-mounted IBL40 2000KV brushless motor and powerful ACE R/C BLC-150 speed control represents unbelievable engineering skill to create THE ULTIMATE ONE in the monster truck category

The twin battery box sitting underneath the electronics also holds a variety of battery types for lowest center of gravity so that you can power your e-MTA with either NiMH batteries from 6- to 8-cell size, dual LiPo batteries with 2S 7.4v or a whopping 3S 11.1v power!

Experiencing the wildest and coolest of RC truck driving, e-MTA is ready to switch your adrenaline levels to hyperdrive!

1/8 Scale Affordable Brushless System Now Is Available!
Thunder Tiger Corp. is pleased to announce the brand new ACE RC brushless speed control and motor for 1/8 scale R/C vehicles. ESC is now available in 80A and 150A, in which the former is perfectly used for buggy and truggy while the latter is mainly used for power-on-demand monster trucks as well as 1/5 scale. The ACE RC IBL4020 2000Kv super brushless system not only provides amazing torque and speed potential for your 1/8 scale vehicle, but supplies a longer operation time due to less friction in the brushless motor compared with other sensored systems. Also ACE RC brushless speed control is compatible with all sensorless brushless motors and most of sensored brushless motors such as Novak, LPP, Feigao and etc. Moreover, ESC is bullet-proof itself with other multiple protection features such as voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection, motor blocked protection and splash/dust proof cover. Our customer would breeze through the system setup with the programming card.
IBL Series Brushless Motor for 1/8 Car
IBL40/20 2000KV

Motor Type KV Diameter mm Length without Shaft mm Shaft mm Shaft length
IBL 40/20 2000 42.0 74 5 18.5
Motor Type RM OHM MAX Volts IO@10V Continuous Watts
IBL 40/20 0.005 26 2.3A@10V 1350

Engine Features
1. High efficiency (>90%), the additional heat-sink is unnecessary in most applications.
2. New design with lighter weight but bigger torque.
3. Higher power than the competition, faster acceleration and higher top speed.
4. Top quality materials:
Aluminum shell (case)
High quality magnets
Copper wires of high temperature endurance Good quality bearings
5. Anti-broken rotor with special workmanship

Hexagon Cell Construction (IHCC)

All new integrated chassis has been designed super tough but light

Weather Sealed Receiver Box

All weather sealed receiver box keeps the receiver from the dirt, debris.

Brushless Speed Controller

Heavy duty ACE RC BLC-150C brushless speed controller.

Oil Shock Absorbers

4 big bore oil shock absorbers have 19mm outside body, 4mm shafts,17mm pistons.

e-MTA Transmission

Newly designed e-MTA transmission inherits the durability of the transmission of nitro MTA4, but much lighter.

Conquer all Water Terrains

Many significant features such as light weight, reliable high torque output, durable dual ball bearings and metal gears.