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Wheel Base:265mm


Seek And Destroy The Competition!! 
The TOMAHAWK VX is the latest evolu-tion in 1/10th scale touring cars. The chassis has been designed to simplify maintenance and general use without sacrificing its high performance features and parts durability. Equipped with a durable & powerful PRO-18BX pullstart engine which combined with the 4WD shaft drive train delivers the most effective traction for consistent control and top speed. Want more speed?. No problem. The TOMAHAWK VX is supplied with a factory installed 2-speed transmission to forfill the needs of all speed freaks. Experiencing the thrill of on-road nitro car racing has never been easier than this. No matter where you drive, club or car park, the TOMAHAWK VX is definitely your best choice!


1.Fully assembled shaft driven 4WD chassis 

2.Double-wishbone front and rear suspension 
3.Fully ballraced drive train 
4.Covered RX box for electronics protection 
5.Heavy duty oil-filled shocks 
6.Thick 3.0mm anodized aluminum alloy chassis
7.Fully adjustable racing suspension geometry 
8.Durable & powerful Pro-18BX (3.0 cc) engine 
9.Automatic 2-speed transmission 
10.Reinforced one-piece resin steering turnbuckles. 
11.Versatile modular design for ease of maintenance and modification 
12.Race readyslick tires 
13.Fully upgradable  

Official Licensed R/C Car Body Thunder Tiger 1/10th scale touring car bodyshells are available in two different widths: 200mm and 190mm.200mm bodysheels fit on cars that are no wider than 200mm, which are usually nitro touring cars like the TOMAHAWK VX/MX. 190mm bodyshells fit on cars that are no wider than 190mm, which are usually electric touring cars, like the SPARROW VX.