price:8,840,000 Rials

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Wing Area:704 sq in / 45.5 sq dm
Flying Weight:7.5 lbs / 3300 g
Fuselage Length:53.5 in / 1350 mm
Engine Required:2-stroke 0.60 - 0.75 / 4-stroke 0.70 - 0.81
Radio Required:6-channel radio w/ 6 standard servos and 1 low profile retract servo
Wing Span:63.0 in / 1600 mm



The World's 1/7 Scale warbirds collection
Functional flaps for smoother landing
Pre-installed retracts operating in the scale manner
Pre-painted fiberglass cowling with 3-D template
Detailed warbird pilot with removable helmet
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Hand painted camouflage color scheme
All hardware and accessories included