DECATHLON 107"(28%)

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Wing Area:1913 sq in(12344sq cm)
Flying Weight:19.36 lbs (8.8kg)
Fuselage Length:74 in(1.89M)
Engine Required:30~50CC
Wing Span:107 in(2.7M)



• Strong Light Weight Construction,  can hover with 55cc engine.  
• good for aerobatics
• Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany 
• Provision for 1 aileron servos per wing,  1 servo for per flap ,1 elevator servos per stab,  1 servos for rudder. 
• Cowl is factory mounted
• Canister tunnel fits most standard canisters
• Beautifully machined aluminum  wheels and rubber tires
• Axles and wheelcollars
•  Turnbuckle linkage and ball links
• Factory hinged ailerons and elevators.
• Removable rudder   
• Pull-pull rudder system and push push rudder system, you can choose what you like.
• quickly install in the field. less than 10minutes.  
• Flaps preinstall. 

Carbon Fiber accessories:

• painted CF Spinner, which is cut for a 2-blade propeller.
• Painted Carbon Fiber landing gear
• CF tailwheel assembly
• Twin CF wing tubes
• Twin CF stab tubes