price:20,400,000 Rials

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Wing Area:2800 sq in / 180.6 sq dm
Flying Weight:10 lbs / 4600 g ( Glider ), 15.5 lbs / 7100 g ( EP Glider )
Fuselage Length:42.5 in / 1075 mm
Radio Required: 2-channel radio with Elevon mixing
Wing Span: 120 in / 3035 mm


10 foot glider with wing loading of about 8 oz/ sq. ft., excellent soaring and thermal capacities
Requires only 2 channels mixing radio with 2 high torque servos, likely the largest 2 channels glider on the market
Pre-painted fiberglass fueslage
Balsa built-up rib wings with aluminum wing tube
Detachable vertical fins for easy transportation and storage