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This is a powerful engine in the 165 Newton range. We produce this turbine since 2001 and therefor are all spare parts available. The JB165 is a full auto start system and is delivered with all needed accessories (less battery). The ProJet ECU, which is optimized for the JB165, requires only one receiver channel to operate the turbine. You can choose between kerosene start or propane start. All the hardware parts are manufactured in-house by Behotec using only the very best aircraft grade materials. All aluminium parts are anodized black or natural silver. There are NO plastic parts used on Behotec turbines. The JB165 is a contest proven design and will power models up and above the 20kg / 44 lbs class. Best modell weight class for this turbine is between 12kg and 20kg. All our turbines come with a certificate and are covered by a two year warranty.



Turbine set contents:

JB165 turbine with electric starter

ProJet ECU (engine control unit), GSU ( ground support unit )

Set of cables, ProJet manuals

Kerosene - & propane valves       

Behotec kerosene pump, type P-7-2

Kerosene filter, propane filter, feltclunk, clunk adapter

tubings for kerosene & propane, glowplug wrench,

Tygon tubing

Onboard gas tank

Turbine mount

Turbine handbook              

Testrun certificate 



Diameter:  113mm

Length:   292mm

Weight:   1480g - 3,3lbs

max.thrust:   165N - 36,40lbs @ 120.000 rpm

min.thrust:  7-8N - 1,6lbs@ 35.000 rpm

Fuel consumption@ max.thrust:   550ml/min

Exhaust gas temperature:   approx. 680°C

Fuel:  Jet A1, Diesel, Paraffin, (+5% turbine oil)