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Design features
● Miniaturization design, input & output port using horizontal row;
● Dual battery input design, automatic switching and balancing
between batteries;
● 4 current outputs, support 4 channel servos direct connection;
● Plug and play. No need to weld the connectors;
● Internal dual input voltage monitor for low voltage with memory
● Support HV servos (7.4V), output voltage is switchable;
● Includes FSS-3, the failure safety switch with status indicator
(#46813), VR Pro Duo also supports FSS-4 lightweight
● Equipped with heat sink and external cooling fan (#46816);
● Support up to 10pcs of 30kg digital servo;
● Can be used on the largest 13KG model aircraft, eg.120CC
Gasoline Powered Aircraft.
Electrical Features
● Linear regulator, no interference, low ripple;
● The input power uses simulated diode dual redundancy power
● Double MosFET output, independent linear control IC, high
output current capability;
● Low dropout design makes fully use of the cell's capacity,
especially on HV mode;
● Large heat sink, good heat dissipation and high overload
● Built-in MCU precisely controls FSS-3 and internal voltage;
● Fail safe design, ensuring Non-stop work;
● SMT process, ensureing the quality;
● Input & output port all use high quality tantalum capacitors;
● Dualsky Shanghai factory assembled, fully tested before
Input voltage: DC5.3V -8.4V, MAX10V (2S LiPo)
Output voltage: 5V, 6V, 7.4V (Switchable, Tolerance + 3%)
Output current: DC 0 -15A (Vin-Vout =1V)
Minimum differential voltage: < 0.3V
Power effect: %0.3
Voltage effect: %0.3
Output ripple: < 2mV
Size: 63mmX32mmX18mm
Weight: 62g (including duo input wires)
How to use
VR Pro adopts a horizontal row as
input and output, (see the right picture).
According to the label instructions, the
four sockets on the left are for servos.
The four sockets on the middle are
connect to the receiver with the output
wire (#46815). The four sockets on the left correspond one to
one to the four sockets on the middle. This design has the
advantage of plugging the largest power consumption servos in
VR Pro Duo to reduce the receiver burden. Also solve the 4
output wires taking too many receiver channels problem.Two
sockets on the right side are respectively for fan and control
VR Pro Duo has two battery input
wires on the opposite side. It can be
connected with two batteries for power
supply. VR Pro Duo can also connect
1 piece of battery for work. (We suggest
to use Dualsky 20C series 2S li-po
battery for VR Pro Duo) When these
wires are connected correctly, please remove the FSS-3 plug pin
to work.

During working, the built-in two monitors display the two
batteries voltage respectively. the built in tri-color monitors
display battery voltage: over 7.4V with green light, 7.4V to 7V
with yellow light, lower than 7V with the red light. When the red
light on, the user should stop using as soon as possible.The red
light warning has memory function, it indicates that the battery
has fault (low voltage, poor contact or system overload). Close
the switch and re-open it can reset the memory. When one
battery fails, the system will switch to another battery to work
automatically. This enhances the safety of power supply greatly.
In normal operation, FSS-3 power indicator always lights, if
any power failure ( low battery, overload or bad connection), it
will enter the alarm mode, the lights will flicker, this mode also
has memory function. Power off and eliminate the malfunction.
Power on again to restore the normal status.
FSS-3 power switch, FSS-4 power switch (optional), the
voltage display circuit and output voltage select switch are all
using the "fail safe" design. Any fault will not take the initiative
to turnoff VR Pro Duo power output. When the voltage select
switch fails, the output voltage will be set to 5V.
● Not suitable for children under 14 years old without adult
● Do not use it in the high temperature or humid environment;
● When using this product in strong vibration environment,
vibration mitigation measures should be used;
● Please remove the packing material before use VR Pro Duo;
● Since the output current is large, please use 4 output wires to
connect the receiver;
● This product supports switching voltage. Please select the
voltage according to the supply voltage of your receiver,
servo or other equipmentsl;
● Do not change the output voltage while VR Pro is working;
● Output port short circuit will damage VR Pro;
● In order to ensure the VR Pro Duo working properly, please
obey the following formula to limit the thermal power in a safe
(1) (input voltage - output voltage) x output current < = 15W;
(2) Please pay special attention to that, if the VR Pro current
is over 15W for a long time, the temperature will rise
quickly, it will damage the regulator;
(3) When the cooling fan is mounted (#46816, optional), the
thermal power can be increased to 20W;
(4) VR Pro will not stop working when the input current is too
large. But the internal limit working temperature is 120
degrees. When the temperature is more than this limit, it
will damage the control IC.
● The two input batteries should be in the same specification
and same charge cycle;
● The voltage indication and alarm is preset according to the
lithium polymer battery;
● Notes: If you don't use the regulator in 24 hours, you'd better
disconnect it from the battery because it remains a 3mA
quiescent current.
Safety attentions
(Failure to follow these instructions can be damage your
product, and cause serious bodily injury or death.)