price:5,200,000 Rials

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Wing Area:557.27 sq in (36.6 sq dm)
Flying Weight:32-36oz (907-1020g)
Fuselage Length:45.25" (1150mm)
Wing Span:43" (1095mm)



Molded, Elapor Foam fuselage parts, white in color
Wings: Molded, Elapor foam construction, white in color
Radio compartment: Elapor foam construction
Cowling: Elapor foam construction
Canopy: Elapor foam construction
Landing gear: Pre-bent .10" (2.6mm) diameter wire
Aileron Control: Dual Servo
Wheel pants: Elapor foam construction, white in color
Spinner cone: Elapor foam construction, white in color
Hardware: .070" (1.75mm) diameter pushrods, plastic hinges, and other
miscellaneous hardware
Designed by Aerobatic Champion Martin Mueller
Motor Mount: White plastic construction
Wheels: Elapor foam construction with metal axle sleeve



Elapor foam airplane parts, pre-bent wire landing gear, 2" (51mm)
diameter wheels, fiberglass wing spar, hardware package, elapor
wheel pants and spinner cone, decals and illustrated instructions.



Motor and ESC : Multiplex Power Kit (MPUG3215), Includes Himax
HC3516-1130 Brushless Motor and Multiplex MULTIcont BL-55 ESC
Battery - 3 cell LiPo
Charger - LiPo compatible
Radio: 4-channel radio with micro receiver
Servos: 2 16oz/in torque minimum for the ailerons
2 35oz/in torque minimum for rudder and elevator
Servo Extension 12": 2 required for aileron servos - HCAM2100
Y-Harness: 1 required for aileron servos - HCAM2500