price:3,750,000 Rials

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Flying Weight:199g ( with battery )
Fuselage Length:812mm
Wing Span:995mm


  • Easy installation,there is nothing but only need to install the vertical wing fences.
  • The spinner part and gripper have been used the perfect anti-resistance design.
  • The good and safe design of servo location.
  • Good thermal dissipation design for the fuselage and motor.
  • The canopy use plastic clip design,it’s easy to destuffing and the battery equipment,etc are not easy to throw away.

Unrestrained action and it can bring great pleasure for you, we have spended more than 15 months for the research and development and having experienced hundreds of testing.

It’s made of ultra-light EPO foam for wingspan, rudder & vertical stabilizer, wingspan use full carbon fiber reinforced, make sure the strength of wing. Fuselage parts are all made of high strength plastic, ensure even if the head of fuselage be broken,keep the body intact.

This DLG-1000 increased the ejection function, to better adapt to all kinds of people, more fun, excellent flying performance!


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