XCR-1200 - RCMK XCR-1200 1/5 BUGGY

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The new XCR-1200 is the same as the original XCR-1000 except for the following:
Engine : CR300F
PC skin body : Blue version
Chassis brace : all billet metal 
Engine mount (Clutch carrier) : billet metal
Sticker : 111 number with better quality


1. Using the CR300F engine equipped with a high-powered CR muffler.
2. Hard anodized chassis using a 5mm thick. (All CNC machine processing)
3. The non-welders Billet steel Clutch Bell.
4. Using the large shock with 7mm shaft.
5. Using the triple brake system (Front 2ea, Rear 1ea).
6. Using the brake pads made of carbon fiber.
7. The disc brake is applied using a variety of processes.
    (Heat treatment, grinding, chrome plating, titanium-plated)
8. Battery Checkers on radio tray provides space. Then apply a transparent cover for the real-time check.
9. Using CNC machined bearing guard on the differential gear box.
10. Cross shaft holder was processed into the deep housing with CNC machines.
11. Using a precision machined lower arm shaft (heat treated, polished, black-coated)
12. The car body is made from strong durable polycarbonate. 10mm thick application of durable cage.
13. Can be equipped with an LED diodes for lighting effects. (headlights, brakelight)
14. Using the clutch spring to engage in high rotation. (6000RPM)
15. Using a CNC machine precision machined gears.
16. This tire durability unique patterns that can be used in a good all terrain.
17. XCR1000 does not include the servo and the radio system. So that gives users a wide range of choices.

- Length: 826mm (32.5 inch)
- Width: 488mm (19.2 inch)
- Height: 328mm (12.9 inch)
- Ground Clearance: 80mm (3.14 inch)
- Wheelbase: 568-572mm (22.35-22.5 inch)
- Weight: 15.35kg (33.8lbs) (Varies depending on the equipment used)
- Chassis: 5mm Aluminum, Hard Anodized 
- Fuel Tank Capacity: 700cc

Needed To Complete:
- 2-Channel Radio System
- Steering & Throttle Servo 
- Receiver Battery Pack and Charger
- Gasoline Fuel
- 2-cycle engine oil
- Fuel Bottle/Fuel Gun

There has been much discussion on the features of the RCMK XCR-1000/1200 compared to the Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL). First off, this car is not a copy of the Losi DBXL. In fact, prototype images of the XCR-1000 hit the internet long before images or announcements of Losi's version. From the same original designer but going different ways in the features and manufacturing, RCMK's car is a lot different than the Losi version. It is not made in the same factory nor does it share many of the main features. It is more expensive yes, but will require far fewer upgrades than a DBXL because of its stronger components and better durability.

Boxed weight of the XCR-1200 for shipping is 50 lbs (23 kg). Weight of the buggy itself is 34 lbs (15.5kg)

The Full Line of Replacement parts for the XCR-1000/1200 is now available! View our parts page here:

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Download a copy of the XCR owners manual here:http://www.davesmotors.com/site/xcr-1000-manual.pdf

The XCR-1200 Uses the RCMK CR300F Engine. Owners manual is here: http://www.davesmotors.com/site/rcmk-cr300f-manual.pdf